Product & Care Information

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Pandora Jewelry products are made in Thailand.


1. How should I care for my Pandora Jewelry?

2. How should I clean my Pandora Jewelry?

3. How should I care and clean Pandora Rose™ ?

4. How should I store my Pandora Jewelry?

5. What do I need to know about my Pandora product?


1. How should I care for my Pandora Jewelry?

We recommend that customers remove jewelry before going to bed or participating in physical activity. Exposure to certain harsh chemicals or environments will result in compromising the integrity of your jewelry. This includes, but is not limited to the following: perspiration, perfumes, cleaning agents, chlorine, salt water, and silver polish.

2. How should I clean my Pandora Jewelry?

Pour a small amount of mild soap into lukewarm water and use a small, soft toothbrush to clean your jewelry. Toothbrushes are ideal for cleaning jewelry with intricate details, which can otherwise be difficult to clean. If the dirt is hard to remove, soak the jewelry in clean water. This particular cleaning method should not be used to clean jewelry with cultured freshwater pearls (see Cultured Freshwater Pearls for more details).

A silver-polishing cloth is a great tool to make your sterling silver jewelry shine again if the pieces have become dull. However, it will not remove scratches. Silver-polishing cloths may be purchased from Pandora retailers or your local goldsmith.

Using a tumbler with the PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION and Pandora Rose™ is not recommended.

For leather: For daily cleaning, simply wipe the leather gently with a soft, dry cloth. Stains should be removed immediately before they soak in or dry – use a mild professional cleaner (without chemicals) or a mild soap such as soap flakes or saddle soap. Create suds in a bowl and apply the suds to a soft, lint-free cloth, then wipe the leather. Afterwards, wipe the leather with a dry cloth and add a leather conditioner to protect it further. Remember to keep leather out of direct sunlight.

Your authorized Pandora retailer is happy to offer jewelry cleaning services tailored especially for your Pandora products.

3. How should I care and clean Pandora Rose™ ?

These innovative products deserve special care. Maintain the beautiful shine and unique finish by polishing Pandora Rose™ products with a soft cloth. Dampen the cloth in lukewarm water, adding a small amount of mild soap, and rub gently on jewelry. Rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

If jewelry is particularly dirty, soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Use of silver polishing liquids, silver dips, ultrasonic cleaning and a tumbler should be avoided.

Pandora polishing cloths with cleaning compound are not recommended for Pandora Rose™ jewelry. Do not expose the jewelry to harsh chemicals, perfumes, lotions, and remove jewelry prior to bathing or swimming.

Please note that the warm pink-hued color may intensify with age due to tarnishing, adding to the jewelry’s beautiful, vintage appeal. It is normal for the finishing to wear off over time. Pandora’s warranty does not cover this wear and tear.

4. How should I store my Pandora Jewelry?

Your Pandora Jewelry should be stored away from natural sunlight and heat, in a protective (lined) jewelry box or a tarnish-resistant pouch (not currently available in all Pandora stores. Please see retailer for more detail). It can also be stored in a plastic zip lock bag made of Mylar or polyethylene. Never use polyvinyl plastic bags, such as bin liners as they contain sulphur compounds, which will make sterling silver tarnish faster. Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom.

Please note that our Pandora gift boxes are not made for long-term storage as they are not airtight.

5. What do I need to know about my Pandora product?

The Bracelet
The Pandora bracelet stretches over time as weight (e.g. charms) is put on the bracelet. The chain, commonly called a snake chain, is made out of many little rings which are twisted very tightly into the chain. When buying a new bracelet it should be fairly tight. There should be no more than a thumb-space between your wrist and the bracelet.

Pandora Essence Collection
To preserve the flexibility of the snake-chain bracelet, the charms should be lightly dragged onto it and never forcefully pushed. The bracelet’s clasp should always be opened to put the bracelet on or take it off. Rolling the bracelet over the hand without opening it will put unnecessary strain on it, which may result in damage.

We recommend a maximum of 15-20 ESSENCE charms per bracelet.
The bracelets have been specially developed for the PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION and are not meant to be used with Moments charms, nor can the PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION charms be used on Moments bracelets.

Oxidation disappears with time. This is considered normal wear and tear and is not a defect.

Things which may cause the oxidation to fade include: perspiration, chlorine, perfumes, cleaning agents, and silver polish. We do not recommend using silver polishing liquid. Oxidized (dark) jewelry does not benefit from being dipped in silver polishing liquid, as it destroys the oxidation.

Cultured Freshwater Pearls
Try to prevent your cultured freshwater pearls from being exposed to water, makeup, creams, chemicals and cleaning agents. Cultured freshwater pearls cannot withstand silver polish. Do not use a silver-polishing cloth as it may dull your pearls. Instead we recommend mild soap mixed with lukewarm water. Use your fingers to gently clean your jewelry. Do not use a brush. Pat dry and lay flat until completely dry.

All enamel is Italian made without glass, which makes it more durable.

Leather is a natural product that will benefit from careful protection. Do not use in water or other liquids that may cause discoloration.

Leather can stretch and relax over time; stretching is not a defect in this product. As a natural feature of genuine leather, you may notice gentle shading and variations in color. You may also experience a change in the shade of the leather due to oils in the skin and the addition of charms to the bracelet or necklace. Use with a maximum of 7–9 charms. When adding charms to the new leather bracelets, please take care to hold the leather bracelet steady and twist the charm onto the bracelet. Be careful not to twist the leather part of the bracelet when adding charms, as the leather may be at risk for being damaged.

Protect your investment: Once you have chosen a style for your Pandora Leather Bracelets, it is best to leave them that way! Leather stretches and can lose shape and color when braided and knotted frequently.

Color Cords
Color cords are made of synthetic fibers, which may become damaged or discolored if submerged in water.

Woven Fabric Choker
The cotton fibers of the choker necklace may change slightly when worn, as with any type of textile, and submerging them in water may damage or discolor them. Therefore, to keep the choker in pristine condition, follow these care instructions:
- Avoid contact with make-up, creams and perfumes. Put these on beforehand and make sure they’re dry before the choker is worn.
- Do not expose the choker to water and avoid ultrasonic cleaning.
- The sterling silver parts should be polished and cleaned according to the standard Pandora guidelines for sterling silver.