Pandora Club Terms

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Welcome to Pandora Club. Before you sign up, please read these terms ("Terms") carefully together with our Privacy Policy to ensure that you are aware of our privacy practices and your rights and obligations as a member of Pandora Club.


Pandora Club is operated by Pandora A/S, business registration number 28505116, Havneholmen 17-19, DK-1561 Copenhagen V, Denmark ("Pandora").

Personal data will be collected and processed by Pandora and our local company Pandora Jewelry LLC (“the Local Company”) in accordance with the terms below and Pandora’s Privacy Policy.


As a member of Pandora Club you are able to design your own jewellery, create a wish list, be the first to receive information of new products etc.

Username and password

When you create your Pandora Club profile we will provide you with a username and a password. Your username will be the email address provided by you during your creation of your Pandora Club profile. The password will be sent to the email address specified by you when creating your Pandora Club profile. The password is personal and you are responsible for ensuring that the password is not transferred or in any other way made available to others. You may change your username and password in your Pandora Club profile settings.

Termination of your Pandora Club membership

If you no longer wish to be a Pandora Club member, you may at any time delete your Pandora Club profile under profile settings.

Pandora is entitled to delete, suspend or change your profile at any time, without notice and without prejudice, in case of your violation or suspected violation of these Terms and/or the Terms of Use for Pandora websites.


To become a member of Pandora Club, you must register and create a membership profile. To create your Pandora Club profile, we ask you for some personal data, including your name, contact information and your gender. You can choose to add more information to your profile such as profile picture, anniversary dates, purchases of Pandora products etc.

Pandora registers your IP address and collects information about you by using cookies. Cookies are text files placed on your computer or mobile device by websites that you visit. Some of these cookies are essential to make the site of Pandora Club work while others are used for gathering website statistics, analysing user behaviour and improvement of the site etc. Please read our Cookie Policy for further information.

If you do not provide your personal information we may not be able to provide some or all of the services or benefits available to Pandora Club members to you.


When you sign up for Pandora Club your wish list is visible for others to search for and see online on Data used to find your wish list may include your full name or email address, postcode, city, country and birth month. Only your name, city and country will be visible on the search result list. You can always make your wish list hidden on your wish list page.


You may at any time delete your personal data and/or your Pandora Club profile. Upon your request, Pandora will close your profile and delete your personal data as soon as reasonably possible. When your profile is closed, all your data is deleted and you will not be able to restore your profile. However, Pandora may store and process your personal data for statistical purposes, prevention of fraud, dispute resolution and law compliance purposes to the extent permitted by law.


Questions about these Terms, Pandora's or the Local Company's processing of your personal data, correction and deletion of data or requests to obtain a copy of your personal data processed by Pandora or the Local Company, may be directed to:

Pandora A/S

Havneholmen 17-19

DK-1561 Copenhagen V




These Terms and any dispute arising out of your Pandora Club membership shall be governed by Danish law, with the exception of Danish conflict of law provisions.

Notwithstanding the above, this provision shall not deprive you of the protection afforded to you by provisions which cannot be derogated from by agreement in the country of your habitual residence.


Pandora may at any time and without prior notice revise or change these Terms and/or, close, change or reorganise the Pandora Club website. By your use of Pandora Club you accept the applicable Terms. Substantial revisions or amendments of the Terms require your specific acceptance and will be posted during the log in procedure.