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Effective Date: March 19, 2015 (last updated June 1, 2018)

This Privacy Policy applies to the sites where it appears.

This Policy describes how we treat personal information on the websites where it is located. This includes our ecommerce site and the Pandora Club ("Club"). [To download a full copy of this Privacy Policy, click here.]

We collect information from and about you.

We collect contact information. For example, we might collect your name and email address if you register on our site or for the Club. We may also collect your phone number and mailing address if you make a purchase. We might also collect this information if you enter a contest or sweepstakes. 

We collect demographic information. We may collect information like your gender and age. We may also collect your zip code. We might collect this when you engage with our websites, the Club, or contact us. If you are a Club member, we collect your birthdate and anniversary if you provide them to us. 

We collect payment information. For example, we collect your credit card number if you make a purchase

We collect information you submit or post. For example, we collect product reviews and questions that you post on our site. We also collect information when you contact us. 

We collect other information. If you use our website, we may collect information about the browser you're using. We might look at what site you came from, or what site you visit when you leave us. We collect this information using the tracking tools described below. To control those tools, please read the "Your Choices" section. 

Third Parties may collect information from and about you.

Third parties may collect information from and about you on our website.  Third parties, such as Facebook, may use cookies, web beacons, and other storage technologies to collect or receive information from your websites and elsewhere on the internet and use that information to provide measurement services and target ads.  You may choose to opt out of having these third parties collect this information.  To manage your options for cookies and tracking, please click here.


We collect information in different ways.

We collect information directly from you. For example, if you register with us or the Club or sign up for our emails. We also collect information if you make a purchase or contact us.

We collect information from you passively. We use tracking tools like browser cookies and web beacons to collect information from you. We collect information about users over time when you use this website. We may have third parties collect personal information this way. Learn more about these tools and how you can control them, here.

We get information about you from third parties. For example, our business partners may give us information about you. Social media platforms may also give us information about you.

We combine information. For example, we may combine information that we have collected offline with information we collect online. Or we may combine information we get from a third party with information we already have.

We use information as disclosed and described here.

We use information to respond to your requests or questions. For example, we might contact you about your Pandora Club account or feedback. We will use your information to fulfill your purchases.

We use information to improve our products and services. We may use your information to make our website and products better. We might use your information to customize your experience with us. We may combine information we get from you with information about you we get from third parties.

We use information for security purposes. We may use your information to protect our company, our customers, and our websites.

We use information for marketing purposes. For example, we might provide you with information about new products and special offers. We might also use your information to serve you and others ads about our products and offers. We might tell you about new features or updates. These might be third party offers or products we think you might find interesting. If you register with us, we'll enroll you in our email newsletter. To manage this, read the "Your Choices" section below.

We use information to communicate with you about your account or our relationship. We may contact you about your account or feedback. We might also contact you about this Policy or our website Terms.

We use information as otherwise disclosed or permitted by law.

We may share information with third parties.

We will share information within the Pandora family of companies. This includes authorized Pandora dealers.

We will share information with third parties who perform services on our behalf. For example, we share information with vendors who send emails for us. We also share information with companies that help us operate our sites or fulfill purchases. Some vendors may be located outside of the United States. 

We may share your information with our business and marketing partners. For example, we might share information with third parties that co-sponsor a promotion. We may also share information with third parties that help us with marketing. This may include social media platforms.

We will share information if we think we have to in order to comply with the law or to protect ourselves. For example, we will share information to respond to a court order or subpoena. We may share information if a government agency or investigatory body requests it. We might share information if we are investigating potential fraud. This might include fraud we think has happened during a promotion. We may also share your information if you are the winner of a sweepstakes or other contest with anyone who requests a winner's list. 

We may share information with a successor to all or part of our business. For example, if part of our business is sold we may include user information as part of that transaction.

We may share information for other reasons we may describe to you from time to time.

You have certain choices about how we use your information.

You can opt out of receiving our marketing emails. To stop receiving our promotional emails, you can visit your account settings on the site or follow the instructions in any promotional message you get from us. Even if you opt out of getting marketing messages, we will still send you transactional messages. These include responses to your questions.

You can control cookies and tracking tools. To learn how to manage how we – and our vendors – use cookies and other tracking tools, please click here.

These sites are not intended for children.

Our sites where this policy is found are meant for adults. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 13 without permission from a parent or guardian. If you are a parent or legal guardian and think your child under 13 has given us information, you can contact us at ag娱乐官网注册 . You can also write to us at the address listed at the end of this policy. Please mark your inquiries "COPPA Information Request." Parents, you can learn more about how to protect children's privacy on-line here.

We use standard security measures.

The Internet is not 100% secure. We cannot promise that your use of our sites will be completely safe. We encourage you to use caution when using the Internet. This includes not sharing your passwords and regularly using anti-virus software. We keep personal information as long as it is necessary or relevant for the practices described in this Policy. We also keep information as otherwise required by law.

We store information both in and outside of the United States.

Information we collect may be stored in and outside of the United States. If you live outside of the United States, you understand and agree that we may transfer your information to the United States. This site is subject to U.S. laws, which may not afford the same level of protection as those in your country.


We may link to third party sites or services we don't control.

If you click on a link to a third party site, you will be taken to a website we do not control. This policy does not apply to the privacy practices of that website. Read the privacy policy of other websites carefully. We are not responsible for these third party sites.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

If you have any questions about this Policy, please email us at

You can also write to us or call at:   Pandora EComm, LLC
    8671 Robert Fulton Drive
    Columbia, MD 21046
    Phone: (410) 309-0200
    Attn: Privacy Officer

If you want to correct or update your information with Pandora, please email us at Club members may also login to the Club at and click on the "My Profile" link to access and update your information. 

We may update this Policy.
From time to time we may change our privacy policies. We will notify you of any material changes to our Policy as required by law. We will also post an updated copy on our website. Please check our site periodically for updates.

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